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Whale Watching in Dominica
The Caribbean's Prime Whale Watching Destination
  • Year-round Whale Sightings
  • Sperm & Humpback Whales
  • the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean

Not far off shore, the deep waters create an environment that has Dominica dubbed as the “Whale Watching capital of the Caribbean.” With both resident and visiting cetaceans here, your chances of seeing at least one of our whale species are excellent.

While six different species are seen on a regular basis, 22 of the 33 species known in the Caribbean have been seen in Dominican waters.

Sperm whales are common and the sight of these magnificent creatures with the mountains of Dominica in the background will create a lifelong impression.

Whale Watching
Whale Watching

There are few experiences in the world that can rival seeing a huge sperm whale, or a family of sperm whales playing on the surface, and Dominica's waters have proved over time to be the best, most consistent place to see sperm whales.

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