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Mission of the Dominica Watersports Association


An abbreviated Constitution of the Dominica Watersports Association, describing its objectives and goals:

Abbreviated Constitution of the Dominica Watersports Association


(a) Promotion and development of watersports in Dominica.
The DWA works together to promote the various activities offered by each member. The Association attends numerous shows throughout the US and Europe.

(b) Development of safety and emergency procedures.

(c) Developing operational guidelines for watersports.
These are the most important elements of our association for any visitors intending to do any watersports in Dominica. All operators are required to follow our strict operational standards. In fact these requirements are stricter than any diving association requires. To us these are the minimum standards for safe and reliable watersports.


All DWA members are required to meet the following requirements.

  • Oxygen on all dive boats.
  • Working VHF radios on all watersports boats.
  • Boat captains on all dive boats while divers are down.
  • To have in place an Evacuation Procedure that is tested annually.
  • Carry approved insurance for activities.
  • All Divemasters and Instructors must be insured.
  • A maximum of 10 divers for each divemaster.
  • Approved by the Dept of Fisheries.


(d) Establishing and maintaining a mooring system.
This is perhaps one of the proudest accomplishments of the DWA. Over the previous years of Dive Fest we raised enough awareness and money to install over 40 moorings on dive sites throughout Dominica. This was a joint project between the DWA, Fisheries and the mooring installation unit.
This objective has not been successfully completed in many islands with a much more developed dive industry.


(e) Sustaining use of marine resources and minimizing conflict among users.

It is very important that we realize that we are not the first, nor only users of the marine reserve. Fishermen have been here long before us and many rely on their fishing to feed their families. We cannot simply stop them from certain fishing practices without offering an alternative.
We work together with the fishermen in any way we can to make sure that the reefs remain healthy and that the fish are as big and numerous as possible. Something we both want!

(f) Development of marine parks/reserves.
This objective has also been successful with the Establishment of the Soufriere/Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR). All members of the DWA have fought hard to promote the need for this, and once again the Dept of Fisheries has been instrumental in this task.


(g) Promoting public awareness and education in marine affairs.
Our annual Dive Fest, held in July, is one of most successful educational tools we utilize. With slide shows, boat rides, snorkeling and diving lessons, all for free, there is something for all levels and ages.

Also in June The Dept Of Fisheries organizes SSMR Day when it brings in children from all over the island for free boat rides, glass bottom views of the reefs, fish ID contests and many other activities. The DWA supply boats, facilities and staff for this event.

The DWA is always available to do slide shows or educational talks in the local schools. The best place to educate on the importance of the Marine environment is the next generation.

The Dominica Watersports Association is always looking to improve and expand on the above objectives and goals.

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