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Although Dominica lies between Guadeloupe and Martinique our diving is very different. Within minutes from shore, walls plunge over 500m, pinnacles rise up from the depths and attract schools of fish. Our reefs are thriving, healthy and covered in the Caribbean’s most colourful sponges.

We've won Readers' Choice Awards from Scuba Diving Magazine for several years running. Dominica is rated #2 destination overall in the Caribbean/Atlantic for 2007. More about our Awards....

Creatures seldom seen on other islands, like seahorses, frogfish and flying Gurnards are common here.

With our dramatic walls, colourful reefs and rare creatures we are a photographer’s fantasy.

So come to Dominica to see some of the area’s best dive sites, without the large crowds, and in the professional hands of The Dominica Watersports Association.

Red Banded Lobster

Average Visibility: 18 m


Water Temperatures: 27 c

Diver Viewing Azure Sponge

Even the most experienced divers surface to exclaim that this is one of the most colourful and healthy reef systems they have seen in years. With clear waters undisturbed by industrial pollution or development, our sponges have thrived and every part of the reef explodes with colourful sponges and crinoids.

Sheer walls drop thousands of feet straight from the shoreline, pinnacles rise up from the depths shrouded in schools of wrasse and chromis. Large yellowtail snappers, cero, barracuda and schools of horse eye jacks patrol the deeper waters. Sloping reefs hide creatures considered rare in many destinations, and the usual answer to the common question ‘can you show us a seahorse” is “ what colour!”

Flying Gurnards, scorpion fish, red banded lobsters, banded coral shrimps are also commonly found, and in the North batfish are also common. It is not unusual to see three turtles on a single dive! The truly amazing thing about all this diving is that you will often find that these dive sites are yours alone, no crowds of divers, just fish and coral, the way it should be.

Dominica Fish & Marine Creatures
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